The Cart Popup has its default styling settings – colors, buttons and paddings, which can be changed and you are aso able to create your own design. Please go to your e-shop administration, click on the option Cart Popup in you sidebar menu a open the tab Styling. You´ll get the following default options.

….and displayed

As already mentioned previously, these settings can be changed. Let´s start by changing the backroung color of the Product and Cross selling sections.

In administration

…and on the frontend

The following options are the same for the View Cart as well as for the Checkout and Continue shopping buttons. This is an example of the Checkout button settings.

As you can observe we changed the background color, border and font color, the border widht and radius. And this is how it would look on the frontend page.

The last field is for inserting your own CCS code if you wish and if so doing customize the design of the popup, as well.

In case you would like to set back the default values, just clear all corresponding field where changes were made and click on the Save Setting button.

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