Free Shipping

 Next step is to setup the free shipping option in case you decide to offer this service in your e-shop. In this case go to the Cart Popup option in your sidebar menu and Free Shipping tab as you can see in the picture below.




In case you want to inform your customers in the popup about the free shipping option while adding the product to cart, check the box Display the shipping info.


A very important thing is to define the minimum that your customers must spent in your e-shops in order to obtain the possibility of free shipping.




 In the field ” A minimum order amount” which is the text with pending amount and it appears in the popup when the minimum amount has not been reached. This text can be modified and a currency can be added. Please NEVER remove the placeholder {{price}} for the pending amount (Free shipping amount minus current cart amount) !!


The last option is the field for the text which is displayed once the amount is reached. In this case it would be “Your free shipping is ready!”


Let´s see how it looks like on the frontend page.


Amount not reached





Amount reached







The last part of the free shipping settings is the possibility to change the styling of this small section if you do not like the default one.


The default one is the following


In administration







Modified in administration

….and displayed



























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