Cross Selling

If customers adds an article to the cart on your website and you activated the plugin Cart Popup, WooCommerce automaticaly displays related products as you cansee in the picture below.

This can be changed by adding and setting up the Cross sell product in order to increase your sales. Go to the administration sidebar of your e-shop and click on the Cross selling option.



A list of all the products will be displayed. The settings are very easy, just check the box in the Active column and click on the blue button “Select Product”. Clicking on it you´ll get the following window.

 Insert at least one letter in the Product name field and choose a product from the list.

IMPORTANT!! All 4 products must be setup, otherwise the popup will not be displayed

 Once everything is set, go back to the admin sidebar menu and click on Cart Popup and Mail settings tab. Make sure that the box for Cross selling activation is checked and the right option for Select product type is chosen. Do not forget to save all the changes! 

Let´s see how the settings look like in administration…

 ….and displayed on the frontend page













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